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  • Time Blocking Cards Cover with example Time Blocking Cards small and examples

    Instructional Coaching Time Blocking Cards for Lesson Planning


    What is Time Blocking, and how does it help with lesson planning? When you are planning a learning experience for students or co-workers, you usually have a certain amount of time to get through the material and activities. For example, you might have 60 minutes to get through a professional development workshop, or you might…

  • Class Award Certificates Cover Class Award Certificates Printable

    End of Year Class Awards Certificates


    Use these 26 class awards certificates as a fun way to wrap up your year with your students. Tune into each child’s individuality by finding the character trait or academic subject in which they excel. For fun, you can have a little ceremony when you give out the certificates. During this ceremony, take time to tell a…

  • Positive Post It Notes for Students 10 Positive Post It Notes for students to use in classroom

    Positive Feedback Notes for Students


    These 10 positive feedback notes give you a way to leave positive feedback for students!. They are ready to be printed on post-its for convenience. They can also be printed on colorful paper.   What is included in these files? 4 Generic Positive Phrases 6 Positive Feedback Phrases meant to be given with treats  …