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  • Time Blocking Cards Cover with example Time Blocking Cards small and examples

    Instructional Coaching Time Blocking Cards for Lesson Planning


    What is Time Blocking, and how does it help with lesson planning? When you are planning a learning experience for students or co-workers, you usually have a certain amount of time to get through the material and activities. For example, you might have 60 minutes to get through a professional development workshop, or you might…

  • Instructional Coaching Corrective Instruction Action Planning Template


    Use this Google ready or Print to Go forms to get teachers to be reflective by utilizing data that can be overwhelming when you are not prepared. The Corrective Instruction Action Planning Template will help you to focus during the meeting time when looking at data and developing a plan to reteach low performing standards….

  • Instructional Coaching Basic Observation Forms Starter Pack


    This ready to go printable and digital Walkthrough, Observation, and Instructional Coaching forms are perfect for the Instructional Coach or Principal and/or Assistant Principal who is looking for quick forms to get started.   Use these to help teachers “become more than effective” in the classroom. These forms will help you to track your teacher’s…

  • Instructional Coaching Content Focused Observation Forms


    Use these Google or PDF Printable Content Focused Walkthrough, Observation, and Instructional Coaching forms to help teachers “become more than effective” in the classroom. These forms will help you to track your teacher’s growth, provide feedback, and collect data to help teachers improve instruction.   What’s Included? English/Language Arts-Focused Observation Form Mathematics Focused Observation Form…

  • Instructional Coaching Coaching Strategy Observation Forms


    Use these Coaching Strategy Observation forms to help you implement coaching cycles by using the strategies Peer Coaching, and Modeling for Teachers.   What’s Included? Teacher Observing the Coach Observation Form (Coach Modeling) Peer Model Observation Form (Use when observing a teacher implement a strategy) Peer Review Observation Form (Use when observing a teacher provide…

  • Instructional Coaching Video Self-Reflection Form for Teachers


    This form comes in BOTH Google Slides and PDF Printable. After recording a classroom lesson, teachers are able to view the video, take notes based on the specific goal, and reflect on the implementation of the lesson. Teachers can complete this form out prior to meeting with their coach to debrief

  • Instructional Coaching Data Meeting Planning Forms


    Grab these Google Ready and Printable Data Forms…   Are you new to instructional coaching? Are you an Administrator who host Data Talks?Have you started to conduct data meetings and wonder how to get things more organized? Are you looking for a systematic way to host your data meetings?   If you nodded yes to…

  • Class Award Certificates Cover Class Award Certificates Printable

    End of Year Class Awards Certificates


    Use these 26 class awards certificates as a fun way to wrap up your year with your students. Tune into each child’s individuality by finding the character trait or academic subject in which they excel. For fun, you can have a little ceremony when you give out the certificates. During this ceremony, take time to tell a…

  • Professional Development Videos and handouts for instructional coaches from coffee and coaching membership Professional Development Videos and handouts for instructional coaches from coffee and coaching membership information about what this resource is

    Professional Development Videos and Handouts for Instructional Coaches


    This resource is a large collection of professional development videos and handouts for instructional coaches made in partnership by Chrissy Beltran and Nicole S. Turner. As experts in the field of professional development and instructional coaching, these practitioners identified important topics for instructional coaches and created videos to instruct and guide coaches. Each PD video…

  • Instructional Coaching Track Your Coaching Forms


    This product is a starter pack for you to begin tracking your coaching. These resources help you stay organized while providing the documentation you need to best serve your teachers.   Printable products included in download: Professional Coaching Goals Form: Use this form to set a S.M.A.R.T. goal every term. Teacher Coaching Tracking Sheet: Print…

  • Positive Feedback Forms Bundle Cover Positive Feedback Forms Bundle Thumbnail

    Instructional Coaching Themed Positive Feedback Walk-through Forms (BUNDLE)


    Grab this bundle of three different sets of themed positive walk-through forms with both printable and digital formats.   What are positive feedback walk-through forms? Positive feedback walk-through forms are a version of an observation form in which you only look for the positive things occurring in a classroom. The purpose is to report back…

  • Instructional Coaching Peer Observation Walk-through Forms


    These Google Ready and Printable Peer Observation Walkthrough Forms are for Instructional Coaches or Principals and/or Assistant Principals to observe, provide feedback, and reflect on their teaching practices. Included in this file: Overview of Peer Observations Read all about what peer observations are and three models you can use to do these in your school. Printable Resources…