Instructional Coaching End of the Year Bundle


Instructional Coaching Surveys for Teacher Feedback and Coach Reflection

Teacher Appreciation Treat Themed Thank You Cards

Instructional Coaching | Coaching Cycle Prep & Wrap-Up Forms

Instructional Coaching End of the Year Meeting Activities

Instructional Coaching Goal Meeting Forms

End of Year Teacher Awards Certificates

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This product consists of SIX End of the Year forms and activities that instructional coaches need to wrap up their year. Surveys, thank you cards for teacher appreciation, teacher awards, SMART goal forms, coaching cycle forms and end of the year activities to use with your teachers are all included.
Instructional Coaching Surveys for Teacher Feedback and Coach Reflection
One unifying trait among instructional coaches is that they never stop learning and are always striving to figure out ways to help others. Educators who end up in coaching roles tend to be those who demonstrate a strong desire to always improve and to share their knowledge with others. Furthermore, they are people who earn the trust of others and always put students first. Are you measuring up to the job? What proof do you have? One way to answer these questions is to ask your teachers. Regularly. And get in the habit of asking yourself.
According to ASCD, there are seven qualities an instructional coach should have. These include the ability to build relationships, remain student-focused, make data-informed decisions, questions without judgment, maintain knowledge of high-impact instructional practices, take risks, and stay current on best practices (ASCD, 2018, Seven Qualities of an Instructional Coach). I have added one more: the ability to impact teacher growth. These eight categories reflect the themes we should all be looking for in our performances as coaches.
This product includes:
  • a survey for the fall, winter, and spring
  • a two-sided survey to give teachers asking them to provide their names
  • a two-sided survey to give teachers that are completely anonymous
  • a self-survey that measures the same components as the teachers
  • a self-reflection form used to synthesize all the data received from the teacher surveys and self-surveys
The forms for you (the coach) have blue accents so they are not easily mixed up with the teacher forms (which have black insects … more efficient for printing larger quantities). They are all also available in Google Forms versions.
Teacher Appreciation Treat Themed Thank You Cards
These 56 teacher appreciation cards give you a way to thank your teachers for all they do. They are “treat-themed,” so each message contains a pun that goes along with a specific treat (see list below).
What is included in these files?
There are multiple versions of this product based on seven different treat themes with 56 different options. One set of cards includes a simple note of thanks, and another set of cards includes a short poem. Choose which of these you prefer, then choose your printing option.
These include:
• Full-color folded card style notes: print these in color on cardstock and fold in half so you can write a personal message inside.
• Full-color postcard style notes – print these in color on cardstock. You may or may not choose to write a note on the back, but this option is provided for those of you who might not have time to leave a personalized note for every teacher.
• Black and white folded card style notes: same as above, only in black and white so you can save on color printing, or print on colored card stock.
• Black and white postcard style notes – same as above, only. In black and white so you can save on color printing or print on colored card stock.
Below are the themes of the cards and the treats intended to be given along with them.
  • CHOCOlot: Give this note with a chocolate treat.
  • LATTE: Give this note with a hot or cold coffee drink.
  • oFISHally: This can be given with a gummy fish candy.
  • POPing: Give this with a soda or popcorn.
  • indisPENsable: This note can accompany the teacher’s favorite grading pen, like Flair pens or Pilot pens.
  • EXTRA: This can be given with gummy fish candy.
  • DONUT: This can be given to teachers with a donut.
Instructional Coaching End of the Year Meeting Activities
Looking for a fun way to end the school year with teachers? You can host a fun PLC or Staff Meeting to close out the year and reflect on some of the fun things that happened during the year. With these End of Year Meeting Activities, you have three options for a reflective and fun end-of-the-year wrap-up activity. One is tailored for the whole group, one for a small group, and another for a more private, individual activity. You get to choose the one that is best for your faculty!
End of Year Teacher Awards
Use these 20 awards certificates as a fun way to wrap up your year with your faculty and staff. Tune into each teacher’s strengths using these awards templates—some are funny, and some are more serious. For fun, you can have a little ceremony when you give out the certificates. During this ceremony, take time to tell a short story or anecdote about why that person was chosen for that specific award. Another option is to have the faculty weigh in on the award winners by casting ballots for each of the areas mentioned on the certificates. Have them submit their votes and tell why they think certain person should receive certain awards, then use their examples as the anecdotes and/or stories you share while presenting the awards.
This purchase includes THREE versions of the product:
  • Printable PDF: Print these certificates in color or black and white and write in the recipients’ names as well as your own name and the date.
  • Editable PowerPoint File: Open the PowerPoint file that came in the zip file and type in the text fields to fill out the certificates. Then print them and deliver them to students in person.
  • Digital via Google Slides: Click the image below to access the Google Slides version of this product in case you need/prefer to celebrate virtually.
The Rockstar Awards are:
  • Zoom
  • Tech
  • Cheer
  • Data
  • Read This Email
  • Comedy
  • Pinterest
  • Advice
  • Caffeinated
  • TPT
  • Snacks
  • Early Bird
  • Ready
  • Recess
  • Lunch
  • Tireless
  • Copier
  • Stockpile
  • Oops
  • Tardy
  • Craft
Instructional Coaching Goal Meeting Forms
Instructional Goal Setting is an important component of working with teachers to become stronger in the classroom. These SMART goal progress reports are forms that help coaches and teachers work together on goal setting and reflection. Use the following forms during one-on-one meetings as a guide for how to help a teacher set and reach a SMART goal. You can host a deep discussion for setting goals for the year, monthly check-ins, and end-of-the-year wrap-up meetings.
This product includes four different organizers:
  • A monthly form to use with teachers who have goals that require weekly attention.
  • A mid-year and end-of-the-year check-in to use with teachers who are mostly independent and only need occasional check-in.
  • An organizer to use as you meet with teachers at the end of the year and help them to plan their summer professional development. Come with a list of ideas for books to read, podcasts to listen to, and conferences to attend that are specific to the individual teacher’s goals and wishes. Talk with them about these suggestions and help them to choose those which they want to focus on during the summer.
Instructional Coaching Coaching Cycle Prep & Wrap-Up Forms
As an instructional coach, if you are ever feeling like you aren’t sure how to begin or conclude a coaching cycle with teachers, this product is for you. The questions in these forms help teachers think through their goal setting efforts as well as assess their progress in reaching goals during a coaching cycle. These should be used at the beginning and ending of every coaching cycle.
There are two forms included; (printable and digital formats)
  • A Kick-Off Preparation form for teachers to fill out as a reflective and planning tool prior to your coaching cycle kick-off.
  • A Coaching Cycle Wrap-Up form for you to fill out together at the end of a coaching cycle.
Interested in purchasing more than one? I accept PO’s!
Email me at [email protected]
Happy Coaching!
Feel free to contact me with any questions about this product!


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