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    Instructional Coaching Feedback Phrases


    This product has been made to help you identify and provide feedback to your teachers across seven major categories: professional disposition classroom management lesson planning and delivery assessment/checks for understanding instructional delivery/execution learning environment student academic behaviors. This product includes around 70 indicators! Interested in purchasing more than one? I accept PO’s! Email me! [email protected] Thanks for stopping by……

  • Coaching Cycle Prep and Kickoff Forms with pages and digital image Coaching Cycle Prep and Kickoff Forms with pages

    Instructional Coaching | Coaching Cycle Prep & Wrap-Up Forms


    As an instructional coach, if you are ever feeling like you aren’t sure how to begin or conclude a coaching cycle with teachers, this product is for you. The questions in these forms help teachers think through their goal setting efforts as well as assess their progress in reaching goals during a coaching cycle. These…

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    Instructional Coaching Weekly Check Ins and Reflections


    Surveys are an excellent way to check in with your teachers. Giving them a weekly opportunity to answer a few simple questions will help them build comfort in knowing you are there to help them. It also gives them a regular chance to reflect. Use the printable or digital surveys to check in with your…